Regulations for downloading free embroidery designs from the website

  1. The owner of all embroidery designs is Gosia Design Katarzyna Marczyńska
  2. The user is a person who decides to download free embroidery designs made available by the Owner.
  3. The free embroidery pattern provided by the Owner on the website is referred to below as the „design”.
  4. The owner has the right to decide which designs he will make available to the User free of charge.
  5. All designs are offered only in digital form. It is not possible to transfer the design physically in any form other than the one mentioned above.
  6. The designs can be downloaded by directly clicking on the image showing the given design, then by selecting the appropriate format or by clicking on the „Download” label located just biside the image with the given design.
  7. The user does not have to set up an account to be able to download the design. In order to download a design without prior registration – just click on the picture showing the given pattern, and then choose the appropriate format for it.
  8. The User has the right to download 6 designs every 24 hours.
  9. The following template formats are available to Users:
    • Toyota.10o
    • Poem Singer.CSD
    • Tajima.DST
    • Melco.EXP
    • Viking Husqvarna.HUS
    • Janome.JEF
    • Babylock, Bernina, Brother.PES
    • Pfaff.VIP
    • Pfaff.VP3
    • Singer.XXX
  10. The owner reserves the right not to change the size of free designs at User’s request. All designs are available only in the size in which they were made public on the website.
  11. The owner is not responsible for any financial loss or compensation for secondary losses as a result of using this design. Gosia Design will not be liable for any other losses.
  12. The owner recommends that before embroidering the actual pattern, a trial embroidery should be made.
  13. The owner reserves that he does not make embroidery patterns on order.
  14. Patterns are made available on the website systematically – several times a week.
  15. Archival patterns are removed and replaced with new ones. Thus, the Owner reserves the right not to send archived, free designs at the User’s request. If the User wants to be kept informed about new designs – he is asked to subscribe to the Newsletter.
  16. The owner informs that he will not give any answers regarding the downloading of designs or any other related matters.
  17. The Owner reserves the right to place and use the designs by the User only in individual projects. Use of designs in commercial projects is not allowed and constitutes a violation of the Regulations and the Copyright (Act of February 4, 1994, consolidated text of 2016, KC)
  18. The provided patterns can not be sold by the User. The user has no right to share them with third parties or to distribute them.
  19. The designs provided by the Owner are his property and he has full copyright to them, which in no case may be transferred to third parties.
  20. Any violation of copyright and other civil rights will be dealt with in court by the court competent for the User’s registered office or place of residence.

We wish you a successful adventure with designs by Gosia Design! 🙂